The shows involve the audiences in many different ways (depending on the ages of those present) The involvement may be singing, dance and other movement, questions and answers, or on the spot lyric writing. The programs average one hour in length and are informative and great fun.


David Polansky visits schools, libraries, and concert halls nationwide. His programs are a first hand look at the craft of songwriting and his music can be selected to relate to school curriculum if so desired. (As a result of his award winning animal songs, he's frequently called to perform at zoos and natural history museums.)

Unsolicited Praise

...yesterday's performance was awesome! In my 10 years as a principal, I have never received such positive feedback from both staff and students...At bus dismissal the kids were still singing the Stegosaurus song.

Rose Brosnan, Principal
Mile Tree School
Wilbraham, MA

Thank you so much for your amazing show here at the Saugus Public Library last Tuesday night! We all had a fantastic time, and I know that the children who attended will be talking about it for  weeks to come.   You were great to work with; and you've created a program that's smart, fun and very entertaining!  Kudos to you, and thank you for everything you do!

You were a pleasure to have; we hope to see you again very soon!

Natalie Layne
Children's Librarian
Saugus Public Library
Everyone who came to your concert had such a good time. My favorite compliment on the program came from a lady who is even older than us! She said, "Thank you for having David Polansky. I knew the children would like him but I had no idea I would enjoy his songs and stories so much." Read more

Natalie Marsh
Youth Services
Eastham Public Library

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