I Have A Dream - SATB or SA, dedicated to Martin Luther King, Medium difficulty. Recommended for good high school or adult level choruses.

"I Have a Dream that someday, I Have a Dream that someday
We'll forswear the ways of war and come to know and love and trust each other.
I Have a Dream that someday, I have a dream that someday
All the children of the earth will hold their hands as sister.....as brother.

We will someday come to know that all people do belong to the family of man.
We will ultimately grow to the spiritual height that has ever been the plan..."

I Have A Dream, SATB - 17 pages, $3.50/copy
I Have A Dream, SA - 14 pages, $3.00/copy
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Animal Alphabet - a collection of 26 songs in a variety of musical styles; one for every letter of the alphabet. Musical styles match the animals (e.g. Middle Eastern sounding Camel, springy kangaroo, funky skunk). Winner of the Artists' Foundation Fellowship Award. Featured at Parque Oceanique Cousteau in Paris.

Lead sheets (Entire set) (Melody, lyrics, chord symbols) $35 To order


I Like Dessert  - Eleven songs which deal with everything from dragging kids out of bed so they won't be late for school; a song celebrating diversity; a very funny anti-junk food song; two other songs which explain why bullies do what they do and urge kids to settle their problems in a non-violent way; a beautiful lullaby. The album is the inspiration for "Another Day at School", a musical drama by eminent playright Betty Lehrman. These are wholesome songs that elementary and middle school kids really understand.

Lead sheets (entire set) $35 To order

All is of the Earth - Vocal solo with piano accompaniment - , a celebration of Mother Nature; a reminder that "We were hers to bear; she is ours to love" ....very appropriate for Earth Day. Not difficult for most high schoolers. $5.00 To order

Hannukah Tarantella - SATB, or SA. This is a VERY funny musical retelling of the Hannukah story in a fast 6/8 time. Winner of a Jewish Music Competition award, it requires high level articulation. Premiered by the Zamir Chorale of Boston, it is now available from Transcontinental Music in New York City. (Phone: 800 455 5223)

Hannukah Tarantella Lead Sheet is also available directly from David Polansky. $5.00 To order

Merry Christmas - SA (or two similar voices) - a very easy, upbeat piece which emphasizes "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men (and Women). The piece is appropriate for elementary or middle school. $3.00 To order

Night Song - a beautiful peace for soprano, with piano and optional clarinet accompaniment. It begins with a poem, and transitions, via the clarinet, into a gorgeous lullaby. $15.00 To order

Get A Mammogram Tango - Lead sheet, vocal solo written for a cabaret style presentation. Best suited for a female vocalist. A lighthearted but serious look at mammography with a message which urges women to get a yearly mammogram. $5.00 To order

As My Mother Loved Me - written for cabaret presentation, this poignant piece portrays how closely a mother's feelings for her child parallel her own mother's feelings for her.
Vocal solo Lead sheet. $5.00. To order

Songs for Pre, K, & 1: The following songs are appropriate for performance by children in preschool through Grade 2.

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble - a Thanksgiving song with some "turkey call"/response which enables even two year olds to get involved right away. Healthy message about "counting our blessings" but may not sit well with vegetarians.
Lead sheet - $2 per copy To order

Halloween - slightly spooky, but not scary song. "Hear the pitter pat of little feet. Lots of ghosts and ghouls on ev'-ry street. Filling up their bags with something sweet. House to house to house it's trick or treat..."
Lead sheet - $2 per copy To order

I'm Getting Older - a charming song in which young children sing about getting older, learning their colors and numbers, making new friends, getting, taller, smarter. Accompanying finger play.
Lead sheet - $2 per copy To order

Butterfly Song - to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Lead sheet - $1.50 per copy To order

Valentine's Day - a simple Valentine's Day song appropriate for Kindergartners.
Lead sheet - $2 per copy To order

Dinosaur Knocking - to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. "Who's that knocking at my door? Maybe it's a dinosaur. I don't see how this could be. Dinosaurs are history. " etc.
Lead sheet - $1.50 per copy To order

Stegosaurus - to the tune of Frere Jacques
Lead sheet - $2 per copy To order

I Can Bow - Action song for small children. "I can bow; stand up tall; lean way back but never fall. I can turn..."... ends with clapping. Very engaging.
Lead sheet - $1.75 per copy To order


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